Research and Development

Research and development is a huge part of many innovative based companies. HMRC allow sizable tax reliefs to businesses that are forging their way in the technology and science industries by allowing relief from corporation tax for projects that specifically create new ideas and concepts.

For small and medium sized business the relief equals 230% of the total costs of the R and D. This is obviously significant and can help to ease a companies cash flow whilst in the early stage of a project.

The team at Hamilton Blake have all the necessary knowledge to ensure that your companies claim is maximised to the highest point possible. We will work closely with you to help deepen our understanding of your industry and the project in question ensuring that any claim we make includes every single allowable cost. 

We also offer expertise in dealing with HMRC’s new advanced assurance route which allows us to agree on the claim for R and D relief with HMRC in advance and will allow three subsequent claims for HMRC with no challenges by the revenue.

Contact us to see if your company can take advantage of R and D tax relief.